Shantikaran Yantra

Shantikaran Yantra

Shantikaran Learning Package


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Shantikaran Mantras

These mantras are used to bring peace and harmony in the family. Always remember that it is very important and necessary to have peace of mind if you want to go ahead in your life. You cannot get success with an unstable mind. This Package Teach you how to Gain siddhi in Shabar Mantra astrology and gain total mental peace.

These Mantras deal with the cure of diseases and warding off the malefic influence of planets. Shanti Karam Mantras are used for protection or removal of Black Magic, Tona-Totka, Occult, Kiya-Kraya, and other ilms or doshas. Some useful Shanti Karam Shabar Mantras are being given here for you. Use for the welfare of humanity. Shanti Karam Mantra Shanti Karam Mantra are used for reversion and eradication of jadoo tona, occult, and other evil spirits. These mantra are used for pleasing different deities and worshipping different planets. Every deities and planets has their own power and qualities, and have different ways to get satisfied.

Contents of This Package :-

This shantikaran Package include 1 DVD , 1shantikaran Book written by Anil Kumar Turkiya !, Anar ki Kalam, Asan , Pranayam, Aahaar , Rulebook , And A Badge of membership to our Widely Spread Group Of Occult Science , This Package will come with everything you need in shantikaran sadhana . by purchasing this package you will become a lifetime member of our Ancient Indian Occult Sciene Research Team and you can also contribute your Research and Thoughts !

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