Learn Videshan Vidya

Learn Videshan Vidya


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Product Description

Videshan Vidya: : Videshan is Used to Create enemity between two people !!! yes you can create enemity between your husband and his girlfriend ! its Very rare science of creation of enemity between any group , any family or enemity between your enemies house !!!

I reccomend you do not use it for Fun. Videshan kriya can give you benefits if your daughter or son has bad habits in life and due to some bad people he has choosen wrong path for life so you can take help from powerful videshan mantra for your beloved to break his relationship with bad people and to get happiness again in your life. Also Videshan can protect you from enemies, If enemies always threatning you or making trouble in your life so you can take help from Videshan kriya to make them enemy, they will start fighting with each other, Videshan can break the victory of enemies easily. Videshan kriya also helpful when any bad friend or relative always misguiding your beloved for bad things and always telling him false things about you, that time you can take help from Videshan to break that relation with him and your beloved and to get his love back in your life. For Court Cases, Legal Matters, Family Matters, Love Relationship and Extra Marital Affairs Videshan is the best option to get happiness and peace back in your life. If you husband has any affair or wife has any affair with someone and you want to break that relationship to get back your husband/wife by Videshan so strong Videshan n anusthan or yagna can help you. If your son or daughter has any bad habit or he has relationship with bad people so you can take help of Videshan to change his mind and to make him in favor..

These mantras are used to create bloody fights between two or more individuals.Videshan mantras are used to create differences between two or more than two persons. these are used when a person puts loss to others and cannot be controlled. These mantras are used for their home and other affairs, so that they do not find time to tease others. One can use these mantras against ones enemies.

Contents of This Package :-

This Videshan Package include 1 DVD , 1 Videshan Book written by Anil Kumar Turkiya !, Baadi Videshan Yantra With Siddhi , Pranayam, Aahaar , Rulebook , And A Badge of membership to our Widely Spread Group Of Occult Science , This Package will come with everything you need in Videshan sadhana . by purchasing this package you will become a lifetime member of our Ancient Indian Occult Sciene Research Team and you can also contribute your Research and Thoughts !

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